The scissor tool plate with the thumb screw.
The scissor tool plate is shown attached to the two drawer Rainbow in this photo.
The scissor tool plate is able to be attached in many ways. In this photo a small riser block elevates the scissor plate for clearance of the scissor points.
If you use the adjustable scissors, the plate can be modified to hold them nicely! The first slot on this plate is ready for a pair of adjustable scissors. On the outside end are three holes for a bodkin and two of your tools.

Scissor Tool Plate

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  • The scissor tool plate has six scissor slots.
  • On the outside end are three holes for other tools like a bodkin, half hitch tool or a whip finish tool.
  • A thumb screw is included for attaching the scissor tool plate.
  • All of my fly tying benches have a brass thread insert for attaching the scissor plate.