Fine Details of the Benches


Every Trout series fly tying bench comes with brass spool pins for the first and second tiers, with an extra one that goes on the Tool Swivel Post © for hackle pliers to hang on.  The Tool Swivel Post and Plate © can be attached on either end of the bench using thumbscrews, which are included. This allows you to set the tying bench up for the right or left handed user.


The Tool Swivel Plate © also rotates 360 degrees, providing quick access to locate and pick up the tool you are looking for.  As well, the beveled holes make it easy to place your tools back on the plates. Located along the front curved edge of the Tool Swivel Plate © are 13 small holes for hanging newly tied flies. This is great for keeping track of the number of flies you have made and also provides a visual tool to check for consistency.  It is always rewarding when you have a dozen on the plate and the last one in the vise! 

 As an added bonus, we also sell an accessory post with a dubbing dispenser box holder, which attaches using the provided thumb screws, and is mounted on the opposite end of the Tool Swivel Post ©.  This accessory swivels 360 degrees allowing you to view the dispenser boxes, which are preloaded with the name/color of the dubbing label. 




The scissor plate is a new accessory which includes six scissor slots and three more holes for a bodkin, half hitch tool and a whip finish tool. 

The contoured design of the Beads and Hooks tray © makes it easy to pick up any items you may place there.  It also serves as a stop, to keep your trimmings on the bench surface, and a place to lay your scissors or a whip finish tool.  The Beads and Hooks tray © makes it user friendly to pick your items up with ease each time.

You’ll find various holes of different sizes located on the back tiers of all of our benches. These have been designed to hold a plethora of items, such as head cement, U.V. glues and curing light, hair stackers, sharpie pens, etc. …basically anything that you would like organized and at arm’s length. We’ve also included a thread insert for attaching accessories like an LED light or a scissor tool plate (sold separately).  On the Greenback and Rainbow benches we’ve also included a larger insert, centered on the back tier for attaching large accessories, such as a video camera or tablet (I-pad, Surface, etc.) which allows you to watch fly tying tutorials hands free!  Check out the Accessories link to purchase these additional items.


Please note that the Tool Swivel Plate and the Bead and Hook Trays are protected by copyright ©