Just imagine the organization you will achieve with the Side Caddie! It is designed to fit along side of your fly tying bench keeping things at arms length.
With the Side Caddie next to your tying bench, you can keep things organized and close at hand.
The Side Caddie comes with 41 brass spool pins to hold all the extra threads, wire and tinsels. It has some larger holes for the stackable container set that I sell in my accessories. lt is also for holding two of the dubbing dispenser containers. I also sell the empty dubbing dispenser containers in my accessories as well.
This is how I have my Side caddie loaded up. The preloaded dubbing dispenser containers always have the name of the dubbing on the opposite side of the dispensing hole. the holders on the Side Caddie rotate 360 degrees making it user friendly to locate the dubbing you are looking for. I am colorblind and really use the dubbing swivel a lot to locate the right dispensing hole and color.
I make the Side Caddie in many different species of hardwoods. This one is made from White Ash.
For me, one of the harder things in tying flies is locating the right materials. The Side Caddie is a great way to have things organized, making it easy to find just what you need!

Side Caddie

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  • Two dubbing dispenser box holders swivel 360 degrees.
  • Six large holes for the stackable container set.
  • Forty One brass spool pins.
  • Keeps your materials close at hand and organized.
  • Stackable container set available in the accessories.
  • Jar container set available in the accessories.
  • Empty dubbing dispenser boxes available in the accessories.
  • Dimensions: 16" long by 8" deep by 10" high.
  • Made in many different species of hardwoods
  • The photos of the loaded materials are for display only and are not included.
  • Proudly made by hand in Colorado.