The Traveler fly tying bench is a great beginner bench. The fly tying bench in the photo is a left handed version. With the right side open, it makes pulling material into your hand easy.
This left handed Traveler has a vise stem holder added as an accesory.
The Traveler fly tying bench is great for tying flies almost any where!
Traveler Fly Tying Bench

Traveler Fly Tying Bench

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  • Removable tool swivel post and plate is mounted using two thumb screws.
  • The tool swivel plate travels 360 degrees and has beveled holes for various size tools. The design of the tool plate is copyrighted.
  • Along the front curved edge are thirteen holes for hanging newly tied flies.
  • Three bead and hook trays are a copyrighted design that makes it easy to pick up a small bead or hook.
  • Front tier holds two stackable containers for beads and hooks, Head cement, U.V. glues and hair stackers.
  • The bench comes with five double height spool pins and four single height spool pins for fourteen spools and a brass pin for the tool post for hackle pliers. 
  • The back tier has eight Sharpie pen holes and four larger holes for large markers and tools.
  •  A thread insert is also placed on the back tier for attaching an Led light or a scissor tool plate.
  • Left hand version has the bead and hook trays on the left side.
  • Right hand version has the bead and hook trays on the right side.
  • Dimensions are 13 1/2" wide by 11 1/2' deep by 8 1/2' high.
  • Proudly made by hand in Colorado.