The audio visual tool holder has a unique ability to be placed in any position and when the handle is tightened it will stay in that position.
A clamp is great for attaching the A/V tool on the back tier of any Traveler series fly tying bench as well as the Brookie fly tying bench.  The Greenback, Rainbow and the Trophy have a thread insert centered in the back tier, eliminating the need for the clamp.
This view shows the thread insert centered in the back tier.
This view is showing the clamp attaching the A/V tool on a Brookie fly tying bench.
This custom four tier fly tying bench has a place for all the accessories and still had room to tie some flies!
This back side view shows how well the tablet holder fits in the middle of this set up fly tying bench.
The A/V tool and tablet holder is a great way to enhance your fly tying bench.
The two drawer Rainbow showing the A/V tool holder and tablet holder and the rest of the accessories attached.

Audio Visual Tool Holder

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  • Attaches to the back tier for holding a video camera or a tablet holder.
  • A 1/4-20 thread post can attach by threads or a small clamp for the fly tying benches that don't have the 1/4-20 thread insert.
  • Three of my fly tying benches, the Greenback, Rainbow and the Trophy come with a threaded insert for attaching the A/V tool holder.
  • The tablet holder is for holding any I-pad, Surface or other tablets, for being able to watch fly tying tutorials on the internet.