The dubbing dispenser box swivel comes with two thumb screws and a brass pin for hanging hackle pliers on.
This photo shows the empty dubbing dispenser box in the swivel.
If you use a lot of dubbing, the double box holder is a great way to have more of your dubbing at your finger tips!
The double dubbing dispenser box swivel attached to a Trophy fly tying bench.

Dubbing Dispenser Box Swivel

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  • The dubbing dispenser box swivel holder attaches to a post that can be mounted on either side of any Trout series fly tying bench as well as either side of the Trophy fly tying bench.
  • The post attaches with two thumb screws.
  • Ideal for swiveling the preloaded dubbing boxes to the opposite side to read the name of the dubbing and back again to the dispensing hole side.
  • Empty dispenser boxes also sold in the accessories.
  • A brass pin is included for hanging hackle pliers on the post.