The Rainbow fly tying bench is the largest in my production line.  It is perfect for holding most everything a tyer wants handy!
The bead and hook trays serve to keep things on the bench surface. The bead and hook trays are a copyrighted design that makes putting a small bead or hook into your finger tips with ease. I have found that they are also great for laying scissors or a whip finish tool across, making it very user friendly to pick them up.
The six inch rule engraved into the bench surface is really handy for cutting materials to consistent lengths.
The built in hackle gauge is great for sizing feathers to your hook size. The outer edge of the brass nail head is perfect for a size tweny four hook!
Every tool swivel plate takes sixty three pulls on the drill press to complete the holes and bevels. Each plate is glued up using random species of hardwoods, making each one unique! The thirteen holes on the curve are for hanging newly tied flies in for keeping count as well as consistency. None of the woods I use are ever stained, the color you see came from the tree!

Rainbow Fly Tying Bench

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  • Tool swivel post and plate can be mounted on either side using two thumb screws.
  • The tool swivel plate travels 360 degrees and has beveled holes for various sized tools.
  • Along the curved edge of the tool swivel plate are thirteen holes for hanging newly tied flies.
  • Ten bead and hook trays. 
  • Three tier design holds spools, glues, hair stackers and Sharpie pens.
  • First tier has twenty one brass spool pins.
  • Second tier has fifteen more brass spool pins and the larger holes for stackable containers, head cement, U.V. glues and hair stackers.
  • Back tier has eight holes for Sharpie pens and six larger hoes for large markers and tools. In the center is a thread insert for mounting the A/V tool and tablet holder that can be added in the accessories. On the back corners are two more thread inserts for attaching an Led light or a scissor tool plate.
  • Dimensions: 24" wide by 16 1/4' deep by 9' high.
  • Proudly made by hand in Colorado.