Trophy fly tying bench with dubbing box swivel accessory attached left side.  The tool swivel plate and post can be mounted on either side of the bench for better versatility.
The Trophy fly tying bench comes with a six inch rule for cutting longer materials to consistent lengths.
The Trophy fly tying bench comes with eight fly clips for displaying your coolest creations!
The Trophy fly tying bench also has a built in hackle guage on the right front corner. This is a great way of measuring the right size feather to your hook size, all the way down to a size 24 hook!
The six large holes on the back tier are great for holding the stackable container set that I have in the accessories.
The Trophy fly tying bench with all the accessories.
The Trophy fly tying bench has great versatility with all the accessories that can be added.
The large accessory in the back center is an A/V tool and tablet holder. It can either hold a tablet (I-pad, Surface, Etc.) for watching fly tying tutorials. By removing the tablet holder, the arm can also hold any video camera to film your fly tying.
The tool swivel plate has holes for many different tools. The beveled holes make it easier to place the tool in the hole. The thirteen holes on the curved edge are for hanging newly tied flies. Every tool plate is glued up using different species of hardwoods making each one very colorful and unique.
To make the Trophy extra special I have my engraver hand paint over the Trout engravings.

Trophy Fly Tying Bench

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  • The Trophy fly tying bench is the top of my production line before heading into the custom tying benches. 
  • Three tier layout holds brass spool pins on all three tiers. 
  • Front tier has ten spool pins for wire spools.
  • Middle tier has eighteen spool pins for thread spools.
  • Top tier has nine more spool pins for tinsels and specialty material spools.
  • Six large holes in the back tier hold stackable containers for beads and hooks.
  • Eight fly display clips are included and fit on the back tier. 
  • Tool swivel plate and post can mount on either side with the thumb screws, allowing more versatility and comfort when reaching for your tools.
  • An accessory dubbing box swivel and post can be added to the opposite side of where the tool swivel post is mounted. 
  • The tool and dubbing posts also come with a brass pin for hanging hackle pliers.
  • Six inch rule engraved into the bench surface makes cutting longer materials to length more consistent.
  • Built in hackle gauge makes it easy to measure for the right size hook to feather for hooks sized four down to a size twenty four hook.
  • Holes for most any size tools, glues, hair stackers and dubbing wax.
  • Dimensions are 21" wide by about 17 " deep by 9" high. 
  • Proudly made by hand in Colorado.